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MaM Cocktail THIS IS VIETNAMESE LIQUEUR!!! Follow our lead - The Dreamers with ambitions to construct a Vietnamese Liqueur map. 
Each cup of cocktail below is an undercurrent wave from Vietnamese people's consciousness. - Maison de MaM - "Hanoi in somebody's eyes"... Hanoi in me is represented by the street vendors weaving through the narrow alleys of the old quarter on hot summer afternoons. It’s a memory filled with their calls, sometimes loud, sometimes hoarse, their silhouettes swaying amidst the hurried crowds. These street vendors witness Hanoi’s transformation, a unique blend of urban hustle and peaceful tranquility. Wampee appearing only in the first two weeks of July in Hanoi's street vendor carts is most anticipated by mothers and grandmothers. Wampee bought in mid-summer could cure coughs for the elderly and children, enhancing resistance during the transition from autumn to winter. Maison de MaM has chosen Wampee Liqueur as the base of Hanoi's story. A complex cocktail evokes nostalgic feelings, accompanied by various herbs that can be crushed and added based on personal taste: perilla leaves, mint, and basil. Ingredients: Wampee Liqueur, Rye Whisky, DOM Benedictine Liqueur, 9, Chocolate bitter.

Calling Saigon with its beauty 
Saigon - a land of freedom, openness, and prosperity, attracting people with big dreams and aspirations for a better life. Saigon converges the energy, culture, and essence of various regions, creating its dazzling, mesmerizing light. A trendsetter, and a rule-breaker - Saigon is where everything begins. One of the most popular street foods that has shaken Saigon and other urban areas is the Chilli Mango Shake. Nowhere else can you find a place where eating mango has become a trend! To create a cocktail embodying the spirit of Chilli Mango Shake, Maison de MaM has chosen Spiced Apricot Liqueur as the main base, featuring two kinds of salt: Spiced Apricot salt and Shrimp salt. A cocktail of sour, spicy, sweet, and salty with all the joyful notes, served with a LED coaster symbolizing a splendid Saigon - please enjoy! Ingredients: Spiced Apricot Liqueur, White rum, Cointreau, Passion puree, Homemade Chili Syrup.

Majestic Ha Giang – The Nation's Northernmost 

Ha Giang – a mountainous highland that remains untouched, with its vast cat-ear-shaped karst mountains, challenging mountain curves, the historic Happiness Road, and the Tu San canyon... A place that amazes everyone with its indescribable, breathtaking beauty. Maison de MaM offers you the spicy, woody aroma of cardamom which is considered mountains and forests' soul. The base is a unique cardamom gin crafted exclusively by MaM Distillery, found nowhere else. Have you visited Ha Giang once, multiple times, or never? It doesn't matter, because you will find the majestic, mysterious, and wild Ha Giang in our cocktail, right here. Ingredients: Homemade Cardamom Gin, Apple Puree, Pisco, Northwest Black Gold Seeds.


Phu Quoc – The Pearl Island of the Nation's Southernmost
 Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, located at the southernmost tip of the nation. Known for its captivating, pristine beauty, it boasts one of the world's most beautiful beaches, often referred to as "a pearl island paradise." Maison de MaM offers you a vibrant, sunny summer with golden sands and blue sea through a bold, free-spirited, and exhilarating cocktail mix. Beware, you might get seasick instantly! Ingredients: MaM Distillery Green Lemon Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Blue Curacao, Kumquat Juice, Coconut Syrup, Ginger Ale.

Beloved Hue 

This teapot of cocktail is for you and me. Sit here, slowly, one cup for you, one cup for me, my dear friend, let's talk about distant old things... Old friends meet again with wonderful emotions, sometimes just listening to Trinh's music, counting the ticks of time. “…People sit down, clouds above, Wishing you would come by, so many afternoons…” Separated, then seeing each other in dreams amid life... Ingredients: Golden Daisy Liqueur, ST – Germain, Homemade Osmanthus Syrup, Orange Bitter.

Rustic Hoi An 

The beauty of time standing still. Hoi An is a rare city that has preserved its ancient values from hundreds of years ago, despite the many ups and downs of history. Within a mere 61 square meters, with an old town where “a few minutes' walk takes you back to where you started,” Hoi An is a place of such peace that one can live happily alone. Wandering the ancient streets and feeling a bit weary, all you need is a refreshing, cool drink. Inspired by Hoi An’s famous herbal tea, Maison de MaM has created a cocktail embodying a philosophy of rustic simplicity, offering the most relaxing and pleasant experience. Ingredients: Lotus Liqueur, Homemade Mot Syrup, Soda Top up.

Dalat – Wandering Clouds 

Dalat – a place known for its "curse" on lovers who will break up afterward, but also known for its "rumor" that those who visit Dalat will fall in love instantly. Don’t blame the enchanting, romantic, and shy beauty of Dalat. Let's embrace the drifting clouds of time and space here; walk closely together and dream something far away. Dalat – Wandering Clouds cocktail captures the sweetness of youthful beauty with “Ruddy Face” Apricot Liqueur, the deep and bitter taste of love from apricot with Eau de Vie d’abricot, and the mesmerizing drops of Absinthe. You just need to relax and float away, and you’ll become a wandering cloud, enjoying the love of the sky. Ingredients: “Ruddy Face” Apricot Liqueur, Eau de Vie d’abricot, Absinthe, Longan Honey, Cranberry Juice.


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