Our story
Our story began more than 10 years ago, originating from a passion for traveling and exploring Vietnamese culinary culture. More than ten years ago, a small pub appeared in Hanoi with the desire to bring delicious dishes from many trips across Vietnam to Hanoi the capital. Back then, in addition to the hardened part “THỰC”, we also realized that the soft part “ẨM” was important but forgotten and overlooked. Vietnam was famous for the wet rice civilization, including rice liqueur, corn liqueur, potato liqueur, “Can” liqueur,... Concurrently, the long-lasting tropical climate has created diverse types of fruits. 
Therefore, we have experimented with 10 different types of rice liqueurs distilled with various fruits, hence tasteful liqueur plays an important role in our system’s success. With 10 years of different liqueurs displayed in the market, we have formed and nurtured many thoughts:
 - Vietnamese fruit liqueurs are very delicious and diverse due to the source of fruit ingredients planted under different climates from North to South.
 - Vietnamese fruit liqueurs are enjoyed by both Vietnamese and foreigners because of their natural and light aroma. With the love and desire to make changes, we have questioned many things: 
- Why are many precious, pure, indigenous fruits once famous becoming increasingly rare and at risk of disappearing? 
- Why must we sell fruits at the cheapest price? How to cooperate with indigenous people to walk a longer and more sustainable path? 
- Why is a bottle of the same type of liqueur imported from abroad becoming popular, while we can produce locally crafted liqueurs, proudly labeled as "Made In Vietnam" and "Made By Vietnam with a better, more natural taste at a reasonable price? - How to enhance Vietnamese liqueur by combining liqueur with different food? - In addition to the usual way of tasting liqueur, can we explore innovative approaches to preparing liqueurs - perhaps pure Vietnamese cocktails tailored to the preferences of younger generations? Mam Distillery was established with the desire to create a collection called “The Beauty and Aroma of Vietnamese Flowers and Fruits”. After 2 years, we have successfully researched and developed a suitable yeast strain to produce a line of high-yield and pure liqueur. The liqueur is processed using modern technology to eliminate aldehydes - compounds generated during the distillation process. The resulting clear and pure liqueur will be distilled with various fruits sourced from across the country, from North to South, for a period of 10 to 18 months in the darkness The Central and South Central regions have a tropical monsoon climate, producing fruits with high sweetness or acidity, such as hillside myrtaceae in Ha Tinh, Vinh oranges, grapes from Ninh Thuan, and strawberries from Da Lat… The South Central Coast and Southern regions, with a tropical savanna climate, offer fruits like pomelos, durians, coconut, and mangosteens… The diversity of fruits nationwide serves as a gateway for us to expand and select the finest fruits from the highest quality material areas. With the key of clear yeast-fermented liqueur meeting standards, we dream of delivering the story of HIGH-QUALITY VIETNAMESE FRUIT  LIQUEUR. Simultaneously, in big cities such as the capital Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Da Lat..., indulging in fruit liqueurs marked with geographical indications from various regions across Vietnam, offers a unique experience of flavors and the diversity of Vietnamese fruits from North to South. Mam Distillery believes in “VIETNAMESE PEOPLE LOVE USING VIETNAMESE PRODUCTS” if the product truly suits the MARKET DEMAND. Fruits are the ingredients, medicinal herbs, and precious resources of the tropical monsoon region. Liqueur is a part of the wet rice civilization’s spirit. Fruit rice liqueur is a way to express Vietnamese souls, a way to connect different regions. A FURTHER and BIGGER dream requires the participation of individuals WHO LOVE VIETNAMESE PRODUCTS - people with enough KNOWLEDGE and capacities - to make Vietnam become the fruit material area of Asian liqueurs. 
On this long journey, Mam Distillery aspires to be the one spreading the story of Vietnamese Essence - Discovering Vietnam through each sip of liqueur, offering a collection of pure Vietnamese fruit and flower liqueurs, worth taking pride in - connecting - delivering the quintessence of Vietnam across the globe. 


Preserve the local plants - Preserve and create a market for the local plants that are gradually extinct: blood plum, wampee, and green lemon. We guarantee the outcomes for the raw materials area with the market price. - Coordinate with the locals to harvest and develop organic fruit-growing areas. Create a stable livelihood for the locals. - Create the outcomes for the fruits of local people. Orient to produce quality local fruits, which stands as the locals’ pride. - Create a collection called “The Beauty and Aroma of Vietnamese Flowers and Fruits” with an estimated number of 50 different types. Advance the value of Vietnamese fruit liqueur - Orient customers to enjoy Vietnamese liqueur in a new way: taste the liqueur, not drink the liqueur. Develop a manual to instruct how to taste Mam’s Liqueur with different dishes. - Coordinate with professional bartenders to create various cocktails from Mam’s Liqueur. - Promote the product - Liqueur as a Gift and short-term product based on holidays during the year. - Combine Mam’s liqueur with contemporary arts to create a product that embodies both artistic excellence and practicality. Create liqueur collections of the most famous contemporary artists in Vietnam. VISION TOWARDS 2026 - 2030 - Construct the Mam’s Liqueur Distillery combining the raw material areas with liqueur-experienced travel with a total of 5ha. - Become the most prestigious unit in Vietnam in terms of consulting and developing projects for the locals with fruit specialties. Address the problem of fruit being destroyed when the crop fails. Enhance high-quality commercial products made from fruits that attract and approach customers. Building and connecting the Vietnamese fruit liqueur community. - Mam Distillery to become one of the leading factories manufacturing fruit liqueur in Southeast Asia
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